Quilt Artist and Teacher

Janet Fogg - Quilts

Creative thinking skills combine with her mastery of technique, resulting in designs that are equally weighted in visual concept and artistry.  Janet has been the recipient of many awards in the competitive quilt arena but treasures most her nine Viewer's Choice ribbons.

The quilts featured on this site are all original copyrighted pieces of art by Janet Fogg. Aside from those created as patterns/kits for public use, which are available at the online store, they will not be patterned. Please enjoy viewing them but respect the artist by not copying them.

Special acknowledgement is given to Jeanette Viviano of Jeanette's Fabric To Dye For.  Many of the quilts showcase her exquisite custom hand dyed fabric.  "Thank you Jeanette for breathing life into the colors and making my paint."

Not Forgotten

Flower of Light

Eloise Joins the Circus

March of the Umbrella Flowers

Behold the Sea


Magic in Times Square


Hippo Love

Denim and Calico

Woody and
the Seashell

Caddy and the Cakes

Kitty Corner

Z is for Zebra

Viviano's Finest

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They Came by Canoe

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Pineapple Rings

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Winding Road Ahead

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Daisy and the Cruiser

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Bear on the Trail

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Our Lady of the Lake

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Northern Lights

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La Petite Ballerine

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The Golden Carp

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Abbey Window

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Old Glory

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Within the Red Tent

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Garden Swing

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Come to the Table

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Rose Festival

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Metropolitan Delight

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Raindrops on
My Hibiscus

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