Not Forgotten
Eloise Joins the Circus
Flower of Light
March of the Umbrella Flowers
Behold the Sea
Magic in Times Square
Hippo Love
Denim and Calico
Caddy and the Cakes
Woody and the Seashell
Kitty Corner
Viviano's Finest
Z is for Zebra
They Came by Canoe
Winding Road Ahead
Pineapple Rings
Daisy and the Cruiser
Our Lady of the Lake
Bear on the Trail
Northern Lights
La Petite Ballerine
The Golden Carp
Old Glory
Abbey Window
Within the Red Tent
Come to the Table
Grandmother's Garden Swing
Rose Festival
Raindrops on My Hibiscus
Metropolitan Delight

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Daisy and Cruiser
This quilt is an unexpected combination because of the use of scale.  Created in a Barbara Olson workshop, the subjects were chosen for this piece because of their similarity in shape as well as theme.  Daisies and bicycle wheels both spoke out and the matching elipses reinforce this.  Thematically, they relate to remind one that happiness is not a destination but a mode of travel.  Predominately machine pieced with hand applique in the springs of the bicycle seat.
2007 MAQF -- Best Interpretation of Theme
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